The New & Improved SyFy Channel (Mild Spoilers)

Never has it been a greater time to be a geek, not just when it comes to movies, as television has also quickly caught on to this trend. However, for science fiction fans, this past year has seen a remarkable resurgence in science fiction on television, thanks to SyFy finally stepping up their game and changing their programming to return to that once glorious channel that produced shows such as “Warehouse 13” and “Battlestar Galactica”.

NexCon3- A Day Of Total Geekery

Ever since last year, I have been going to three major fan conventions that are held in my country- NexCon, ToyCon, and Asia Pop Comic Con.

Last year, I decided to “Disneybound” during NexCon and Asia Pop Comic Con.

I had a lot of fun going to those conventions last year, so this time around, I decided that it would be more fun if I cosplayed at all three conventions.

Why I Keep or Drop Certain Shows

Just recently, The Hollywood Reporter came out with an interesting article/discussion about when one should begin ditching a show.

This of course is quite relevant given the fact that the television landscape has changed so much and television fatigue or too much tv is real due to the fact that we are currently at the peak of the Golden Age of Television.